Saturday, August 02, 2014

Canadian UFO Survey is preparing to release a report detailing UFO sightings in Canada

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One of Canada’s leading UFO experts says Saskatchewan is a province with a past when it comes to sightings of the mysterious crafts.

In 1974, Edwin Fuhr from Langenburg, Sask. reported seeing five bowl-shaped objects touch down in a hayfield before they rose into the sky—leaving behind what were then called physical traces, but are now commonly known as crop circles.

Chris Rutkowski, a ufologist, science writer and researcher with the Canadian UFO Survey, said the Fuhr incident is one of the best-known encounters in Canada.

While the number of reported crop circles has dropped off in recent years, sightings of UFOs in Saskatchewan are still happening annually with more than 30 occurring in 2013 alone.

“Saskatchewan is very well represented in UFO reports over the past number of years,” Rutkowski told Metro, adding the Canadian UFO Survey is preparing to release a report detailing UFO sightings in Canada over the last 25 years within the next month.

“Throughout the past 25 years, there are almost 700 UFO reports from Saskatchewan alone,” he said. “That’s a little less than 5 per cent of the total number of cases in Canada.”

The truth is out there

Considered Canada’s Fox Mulder, Rutkowski said he wants to find out what it is these people are seeing.

“In some cases it’s misidentification; in some cases they were bright fireballs—bits of comet that are re-entering the atmosphere,” he said. “So it’s just a matter of going through it case-by-case.”

He calls it an ” interesting detective challenge” to figure out each one. “In a small proportion of cases, a few per cent every year, we can’t come up with an explanation, and those are the ones that really fascinate us.”

Taylor Heuck, a paranormal investigator and founder of the Paranormal and Supernatural Team Saskatchewan, said while his team has never investigated a crop circle or a UFO, they would jump at the chance.

“We would like to get our hands on a little bit more of that,” he said.

Heuck explained that a crop circle investigation would involve photographing the scene and talking to nearby residents to try and piece together who—or what—were behind the formations.

Rutkowski noted that, while there have been thousands of UFO sightings in Canada throughout history, there’s still no hard evidence pointing to extraterrestrial activity.

“Nothing that we’ve seen, whether it’s in Saskatchewan or any other provinces, is absolute proof that aliens are coming to Canada,” he said.

“Although it would be a nice vacation spot compared to Mars, for example.”